What separates ID Maintenance from other corporate signage manufacturers and installers is our comprehensive process. All our services are coordinated in-house, from our manufacturing facility in through to installation and ongoing lifecycle maintenance. Our process is entirely under our control, meaning we don’t rely on third parties to manufacture or install signage on our behalf.

This in-house manufacturing plays an important part in our overall service, having positive effects on all aspects of the process. As we are in control of the supply chain and manufacturing, we can provide punctual services, ensure that quality standards are adhered to and manage projects more effectively.

Our facility uses the latest manufacturing technology and is fully equipped to handle both large and small manufacturing production requirements. The machinery enables the cutting, folding and bending of substantial materials, and the fabricate large structural elements, powder coating and vinyl manufacturing and application to the highest standards.

As we have complete control of the manufacturing process, we can effortlessly provide products that are in line with clients’ specifications and quickly adapt to changes when necessary.

  • Our facilities provide covered storage for clients stock, which means we can manage inventories of signage and hardware on our clients’ behalf.
  • Our manufacturing process is key to our overall service and allows us to offer flexibility and assurances to our clients that other signage installers cannot.